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Company Profile

Company Profile

Excellent Group was jointly founded by Mr. Anwar Hossain Royal Rana, an ambitious and determined person to bring out the prosperity not only in the domestic arena but also for the total human kind. His bottomless concentration and nonstop efforts has driven him to utilize the fullest potential of empowering the unemployed youth of our country.

Excellent Group's vision is to elevate employment thus remove poverty. A perfect blend of E - commerce based network marketing and traditional marketing is carefully implanted here; to ensure a brighter future.

Excellent Group made his front line project and named it Excellent world, And in this venture a brighter, richer and healthier future is waiting.

Excellent World presently sells and market some selectively taken and produced product to fulfill the growing needs of healthy and best quality product. Excellent group is expanding its product line ever since it has started its business, and fully committed to introduce the best ever possible supplies to meet the daily needs. Excellent group strongly believes that ,one day, this organization can produce all the products and even services whatever a person needs from his waking up till he is going to bed.

Thanks for your time to know about us.